Primera announced that its Member-Owners elected four directors to its board of Directors for the 2023-24 session.

Each year, the Primera Board of Directors holds an open nomination and voting period, during which Primera Member-Owners select members to its board of directors for the upcoming session. 

The Primera members approved Matt Schmid, President and CEO of Superior Turf Services, Andy Keeton, Turf Products Planning Manager of Ewing Outdoor Supply, Alan Smith, Managing Partner of Atlantic Golf and Turf, and Paul Smith, President of Sigma Organics, to serve two-year terms on the board of directors.

“I am excited to serve the member-owners on the board and offer guidance and support the growth of Primera,” said Schmid. 

CEO Jeff Braun commented, “It is important to have Member-Owners who look to engage and then join our Board, bring new perspectives, and share our passion for the future of Primera.”

“An engaged board of directors drives this organization. The collective commitment, passion, and involvement fuel progress and steer the path towards success,” said Board Chairman Bob Windsheimer of Walker Supply, a W.S. Connelly Company.

headshot of Matt Schmid
Matt Schmid, President and CEO of Superior Turf Services