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Primera is a member-owned cooperative committed to growth-oriented distributors and best-in-class supplier partners collaborating to exceed the market and stay ahead of the competition

Member-Owner Distributors
of top-quality turf and ornamental products
Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Horizon Distributors

On the Horizon: Horizon Distributors, a stalwart in the landscape and irrigation industry, stands as a testament to excellence with over 60 years of unwavering commitment. Operating in 11 states across the United States, Horizon has established itself as a cornerstone for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With 92 stores, 4 materials locations, and 19 service centers, we have strategically positioned ourselves to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

What truly sets Horizon apart is the wealth of expertise within our team. With a median employee tenure of 13.2 years, we boast a workforce dedicated to their craft, ensuring that each interaction with our customers is characterized by knowledge and professionalism. As a wholly-owned division of Poolcorp, our roots run deep in the industry. We take pride in being big enough to offer a wide range of high-quality products and services, yet small enough to maintain a personal touch in our relationships. Our commitment to an exceptional customer experience is embedded in everything we do, with a particular focus on landscape contractors, maintenance companies, golf course, and sports turf professionals. Horizon has established itself as a trusted partner with industry professionals.

Transforming Landscape With Tech and Talent: In a world where technology is reshaping industries, Horizon Distributors emerges as a trailblazer in the landscape and irrigation sector by harnessing innovative tools to enhance their customers’ experience. At the forefront of this tech-driven transformation is “Horizon24/7,” a dynamic wholesale platform exclusively designed for registered customers. This digital hub empowers clients with the convenience of online ordering and account management, making it easier than ever to access the vast array of products and services Horizon offers.

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Supplier Spotlight

Supplier Spotlight: Albaugh Specialty Products

Anyone who has managed a newly seeded turf site or an overseeded lawn area knows that crabgrass and broadleaf weeds are a problem at seeding. Grassy and broadleaf weeds can spread aggressively, outcompeting the desired turfgrass seed. Mesotrione is typically the answer for at-seeding crabgrass control, but what about situations where you want to control broadleaf weeds as well?  Dicamba and triclopyr are typical solutions for broadleaf weed control, but turf managers are often reluctant to use root-inhibiting herbicides at seeding.

Now you have a solution to both problems.  Sublime™ herbicide from Albaugh Specialty Products eliminates the worry and gives you all-in-one crabgrass and broadleaf control with added application flexibility and minimal impact on turf emergence and establishment.

In a trial to compare the benefits of Sublime vs. mesotrione alone Virginia Tech researchers evaluated Sublime @24 fl oz/A and 32 fl oz/A compared to mesotrione @4 fl oz/A and 8 fl oz/A.   Applications were made one week prior to seeding, at-seeding, and one-week post-seeding on tall fescue, perennial rye, and Kentucky bluegrass turf. The data suggests that Sublime, applied at 24 or 32 fl oz/A provides improved turf safety over mesotrione and may be safely applied to these turf types at one-week prior to seeding and at seeding with minimal impact on emergence and turf establishment. It is important to note, however, that applications made one-week post-seeding may result in turfgrass injury.   Learn More

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Our History

Since the company’s inception in 2001, a large number of the industry’s leading distributors and suppliers have joined Primera in an effort to exceed the market in terms of growth while enhancing their efficiency and profitability. In our 21 years as a cooperative, we have continued to evolve in order to better meet the needs of our members. Beginning in the early 2000s, Primera set out to establish the company’s reputation in the industry. In order to accommodate the growing number of new Member-Owners and Suppliers joining the co-op, Primera implemented a customer-service business strategy for our membership during the ensuing decade. In 2020, we took steps and made a commitment to become the industry’s foremost strategic partner for both our Member-Owner Companies and our Supplier Partners. 

Our Values

Integrity – Conduct business following the highest ethical standards. Stay true to yourself while cultivating trustworthy relationships. Always act openly and honestly with good intentions. Keep your word and take responsibility for the outcomes. 

Mindset – An uncompromising commitment to achieving one’s full potential. Consider and implement innovative concepts. Drive cutting-edge data solutions. Encourage innovation in order to achieve exponential growth. 

Performance & Accountability – Simplify in order to speed up the achievement of our goals. Prepare for, respond effectively to, and drive change. Keep your attention on the things that matter, and act. Perform in ways that are above and above what is expected of you. 

Collaboration & Teamwork – Respect and thrive on each facet of diversity. Consider all relevant factors before making decisions. Work together to increase the value provided to customers. Communicate effectively in order to get meaningful results. 

At Primera, we are motivated by a quest for excellence that is embodied in our vision, mission, and values. In order to achieve our goals, we institute stringent membership requirements and form strategic partnerships with best-in-class suppliers that provide products and services of the highest quality. 

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