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Primera is a member-owned cooperative committed to growth-oriented distributors and best-in-class supplier partners collaborating to exceed the market and stay ahead of the competition

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Member Spotlight: Andre & Son

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A 5th generation, family-owned and operated company celebrating 109 years in business!

History: The Andre business began in 1914 when Floyd Andre and William Sweet leased a mill together in Montrose, PA. By 1924, the partners bought the real estate, and in 1931, Floyd’s son, DeWitt, purchased Mrs. Sweet’s partnership interest, and the firm became Andre & Son. DeWitt’s three sons joined in 1958-1965, leading to growth in feed sales and expansion to the current site, with a bulk fertilizer blending plant. In the 1990s, three fourth-generation family members joined, and the business continued to grow with a commercial turf division, farm and home store, and Powersports division. Andre & Son, Inc. remains a locally owned enterprise for now over 100 years thanks to the support of their employees, customers, and friends.

Legacy: Being a family-owned and operated company for 109 years is undoubtedly our greatest achievement, a feat that less than 1,000 companies in the United States have achieved. This accomplishment comes in enormous thanks to our loyal and hardworking employees and the continued support from our valued customers. In 2022 we made it to our 5th generation, an achievement that less than 3% of family-owned and operated companies worldwide have accomplished. At Andre & Son, we hold the family-first mantra close. From company picnics to Christmas Eve parties to golf leagues, our employees spend a great deal of time together outside of work, which has been fostered since the company’s foundation. With the help of our loyal customers and hardworking employees, our company has grown, and so has our family. We are lucky to have an incredible group of people behind our corporation.

Industry Connection: As a Primera distributor-owner, Andre and Son have had the opportunity to connect with a vast network of individuals and organizations within the golf, athletic, and lawn care industries. The friendships and connections that have been forged have given a platform to engage with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and knowledge, and make lasting connections. Without this opportunity, many of these relationships would have never been possible. Today Andre and Son services 15 states, 3 top 10 nationally ranked golf courses, and sells over 1 million bags annually. They continue to expand their business while maintaining their values of family and customer service.

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Supplier Spotlight

Supplier Spotlight: FMC

Fueled by a market-driven approach, FMC has a robust portfolio and innovative pipeline to consistently develop new solutions to help consumers, professional turf managers, pest control operators, and nursery and greenhouse growers.

FMC staff group photo


Champion Customers: FMC is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to its customers, offering a range of benefits, including product innovation and engaging rebate programs tailored for small and large Pest Management Professionals and Lawn Care Operators. For small to medium-sized companies, the FMC True Champions program offers the Dynamic Rewards rebate program. This initiative allows PMPs and LCOs to enjoy attractive rewards based on purchases. Participating in this program can maximize their benefits and enhance their business operations. Furthermore, we understand the unique requirements of large LCOs and golf course superintendents. To cater to their specific needs, FMC offers the Early Order Program. This program enables these industry leaders to access exclusive advantages and incentives by placing their orders early. In addition to these exceptional programs, True Champions members receive the opportunity to earn free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in lawn care and pest management each month throughout the year. We recognize the importance of professional development and strive to support our customer’s growth by providing valuable learning opportunities. At FMC, we place great emphasis on listening to our customers. We value their feedback and take it seriously. By actively engaging with our customers and understanding their needs, we can continuously improve our products and services. We invest in developing innovative solutions that empower LCOs, PMPs, and golf course superintendents to manage their day-to-day operations efficiently.

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The new go-to Pythium control product has arrived! Serata™ fungicide is powered by the unique active ingredient, picarbutrazox, which is also its own special mode of action. A new mode of action for a destructive disease like Pythium is a game changer for superintendents. FMC is proud to listen to the needs of superintendents and deliver innovation to help them improve how they care for their course.



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Our History

Since the company’s inception in 2001, a large number of the industry’s leading distributors and suppliers have joined Primera in an effort to exceed the market in terms of growth while enhancing their efficiency and profitability. In our 21 years as a cooperative, we have continued to evolve in order to better meet the needs of our members. Beginning in the early 2000s, Primera set out to establish the company’s reputation in the industry. In order to accommodate the growing number of new Member-Owners and Suppliers joining the co-op, Primera implemented a customer-service business strategy for our membership during the ensuing decade. In 2020, we took steps and made a commitment to become the industry’s foremost strategic partner for both our Member-Owner Companies and our Supplier Partners. 

Our Values

Integrity – Conduct business following the highest ethical standards. Stay true to yourself while cultivating trustworthy relationships. Always act openly and honestly with good intentions. Keep your word and take responsibility for the outcomes. 

Mindset – An uncompromising commitment to achieving one’s full potential. Consider and implement innovative concepts. Drive cutting-edge data solutions. Encourage innovation in order to achieve exponential growth. 

Performance & Accountability – Simplify in order to speed up the achievement of our goals. Prepare for, respond effectively to, and drive change. Keep your attention on the things that matter, and act. Perform in ways that are above and above what is expected of you. 

Collaboration & Teamwork – Respect and thrive on each facet of diversity. Consider all relevant factors before making decisions. Work together to increase the value provided to customers. Communicate effectively in order to get meaningful results. 

At Primera, we are motivated by a quest for excellence that is embodied in our vision, mission, and values. In order to achieve our goals, we institute stringent membership requirements and form strategic partnerships with best-in-class suppliers that provide products and services of the highest quality. 

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