About Primera

Primera is a business cooperative committed to providing leading technologies and advantaged opportunities to distributors, users, and manufacturers in the professional turf and ornamental, specialty vegetation management, pest control, and aquatic markets. Primera distributors consolidate purchasing across the U.S. to provide national access; unsurpassed, dedicated service; product expertise; and local touch. Our history, values, integrity, and track record show our steadfast support and commitment to turf, ornamental and specialty industry participants.

Primera membership defining values:

  • Devoted to the Professional Turf, Ornamental, and Specialty business
  • Dedicated to service of end-users
  • Committed sales force representing the best in local agronomic insight
  • Unfaltering stewardship and obligation to accurate product recommendations and use

Our Vision

Primera will enhance the business of its membership with innovative collective action in areas of procurement, branding, information and education.

The action will free up the owners’ time to do what they do best: staying close to and servicing their customers.

In the process it will level the playing field with National and Regional distributors.

Will work with select suppliers in a cooperative mode to give the membership a competitive advantage in return for providing end-user access and influence.
We will know that we are accomplishing our Vision when:

  • Primera Owners are the distributors of choice for end-users in their market
  • Primera Owners are the market access channel of choice for manufacturers in their business
  • Primera Owners believe in and contribute to collective ownership of the cooperative resources as their competitive advantage

Board of Directors

Michael Kropp

Andy Keeton
Vice Chairman
Ewing Irrigation

Paul Smith
Sigma Organic

Bob Windsheimer
Walker Supply, Inc.

Rocky Dreibrodt
Corbin Turf

Jim Coens
Conserv FS

Allan Smith
Atlantic Golf and Turf

Todd Griebe
Target Specialty


Jeff Braun
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Strain
Vice President of Business Development

Cheryl S. Kuenzel
Director of Analytics

Rachel Boehm
Director of Cooperative Services

Morgan Cothern
Cooperative Services Associate

Membership Committee

Currently handled by Board of Directors.