Forest Hill, MD – Primera members elect new board member – Phil Stevens (Horizon), and confirm the 2022-2023 Board of directors at its Annual Meeting July 18-20th in Madison, WI.  

“It is one of my favorite moments during our Annual Meeting when our Member-Owners vote in our upcoming year Board of Directors. This year we continue to welcome new board members who provide the passion, determination, and willingness to share different perspectives and round out the skills required to have an impactful Board. Phil Stephens, General Manager, West Division, for Horizon, does just that. With over 30 years of experience in the green industry, combining experiences in manufacturing and distribution, Phil is a great addition to the team, ” said CEO Jeff Braun.     

Bob Windsheimer of Walker Supply, a W.S. Connelly Company, was elected Chairman, and Todd Griebe of Target Specialty Products was elected Vice Chair. Paul Smith of Sigma Organics will remain Treasurer, and Allan Smith, of Atlantic Golf and Turf, will remain the Secretary.  Phil Stephens joins current Directors Anthony Luciano of Central Turf and Irrigation, Andy Keeton of Ewing Irrigation, and Frank Lopes of Turfnology.

“I am honored to serve Primera as chairman and along with the board of directors, offer guidance on behalf of the membership to help Jeff, John, and Morgan reach our goals.  As the cooperative continues to grow, we are committed to provide the member-owners, associates, and supply partners with tools, knowledge, and innovation to drive successful business.  We remain steadfast in ensuring that Primera provides the best value in the industry”, said Bob Windsheimer, Board Chairman.

About Primera

Primera is a business cooperative committed to providing our Member-Owners, their Associates, and our Supplier Partners with the tools, skills, knowledge, and innovation that create exceptional returns and competitive advantages that ensure they grow and prosper. Serving professional turf and ornamental, specialty vegetation management, pest control, and aquatic markets. Primera distributors consolidate purchasing across the U.S. to provide national access; unsurpassed, dedicated service, product expertise, and local touch. Our history, values, integrity, and track record show our steadfast support and commitment to turf, ornamental, and specialty industry participants.