Field Dry

Calcined Clay Soil Modifier

PrimeraOne Soil Conditioners provide solutions to maintenance problems on baseball infields and athletic turf fields. PrimeraOne Calcined clay products are manufactured specifically to condition fields to improve drainage, reduce compaction and manage moisture.

PrimeraOne Field Dry has the unique ability to absorb its own weight in water to dry out puddles and mud. PrimeraOne Field Dry will not cake or harden and becomes a part of the infield soil. PrimeraOne Field Dry will not break down and will work over and over again absorbing water in problem areas.

Puddle and Mud removal from skinned infields

  • Pour PrimeraOne Field Dry into the puddle or muddy area, rake it into wet areas and allow it to absorb the water.
  • Rake the area to distribute the field dry and mud. Add more PrimeraOne Field Dry in the area that remains wet or muddy and follow the same procedure.
  • Rake or drag the area to smooth the surface and play ball.

Packaging - 50 lb bags (40 bags/pallet)
Ingredient - 100% Calcined Fullers Earth (also known as Calcined Clay)
Bulk Density - 35. lbs. / cubic ft. 19 bags (50 lb) = 1 cubic yard
Application Instructions - See above and/or back of bag



Field Conditioner


For information about purchasing PrimeraOne Field Dry, please contact your local distributor.


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