Why Become A PrimeraTM Distributor?


We have built distribution's best business partner.

Broadest Supplier Base in the Industry:

  • Nearly 3x the supplier base of the other primary competing group
  • 60 suppliers across full chemical (all basic and primary off-patent) + Fertility + Seed + Erosion + Value Add

Delivering Incremental Sales Through:

  • Set aside bids
  • Key PrimeraOne exclusive offerings


  • Less than half the cost to serve
  • Low overhead / Broad number of members

Best Protection of Rebate Dollars:

  • Governance and insured protection mitigates rebate dollar loss if other members business fails


Criteria for Primera Membership:

  • Established business organization
  • Dedicated sales force
  • Physical warehouse location(s)
  • Respect and integrity in the marketplace
  • Resources to participate in marketing programs
  • Financially sound and credit worthy
  • Trade references
  • Purchase one share of Primera stock and follow the application process
  • Not associated with a competitive buying cooperative
  • Willing to adhere to Primera bylaws

As the Primera network of distributor members continues to grow; we strive to build the best support and supply organization for the turf, ornamental and specialty distribution markets through competitive advantage, technology innovation, and business capability that empowers growth and sustainability.


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